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The current trend in Healthcare is to shift more of the financial responsibility for your medical care to you, the patient, parent, or guardian. Higher deductibles partnered with thirty to fifty percent coinsurance have shifted more cost to the consumer than to the insurance carriers. That is why here at the Long Island Hand to Shoulder Center we treat each patient on an individual basis. Please call us with all of your insurance questions and to understand how we can best help you or your loved one. Our goal is to provide you with excellent care in a cost efficient manner.

Whether you have suffered a traumatic injury or you have an ongoing chronic condition, contact our Business Office directly at (631)427-7900 to discuss how we can assist you in setting up an appointment.

All of our physicians are certified by the NYS Workers Compensation Board to provide care to you for a work related injury to your upper extremity. We can provide care if you have injuries resulting from a Motor Vehicle Accident, and we are also participating in Medicare.

Our Business Office staff is trained to review your insurance benefits with you. Following consultation with one of our physicians we will be able to discuss your financial responsibilities in detail based on the recommended plan of care. We have a variety of packages available that include surgical and non-surgical options. This allows us to provide you with optimal care as well as complete price transparency.