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Replantation is the reattachment of a severed part of the body using microsurgical techniques. This may include reattachment of fingers, hands, the arm, and even the scalp, ear, or nose. Many parts of the body can be successfully replanted if the damage to the particular part is not severe. The severed part should always be saved, placed in a clean gauze or paper towel, sealed in a bag and then placed in a mixture of ice and water. Cooling the tissue helps preserve it until it can be reattached. However, not all amputations are able to be replanted. Each case is carefully evaluated and patients are educated about the pros and cons of replantation. The doctor and patient often make a decision together about whether or not a part will be replanted based on several factors. The Long Island Hand to Shoulder Center physicians have extensive experience in microvascular surgery and replantation.

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